The Tower Garden: Why You Need One Today

Posted on December 23, 2016 at 6:35 PM

Have you always wanted a garden but don’t have the outdoor space? Or maybe you love the idea of one but just don’t fancy yourself a green thumb? Maybe you’ve tried to grow things in the past but they’ve met unfortunate ends? Whatever the case, traditional gardening is in the past and the way of the future is…duh duh duh….The TOWER GARDEN! If you’ve never heard of a Tower Garden before, allow me to introduce you to this marvelous invention.


What is a Tower Garden?

A Tower Garden is a vertical structure that can fit almost anywhere. It has pods for growing fruits, vegetables, and/or herbs (up to 40!). It is made from a hard, hardy plastic built for decades of indoor or outdoor use. The Tower Garden is a self-contained system that takes care of itself and allows you to reap the benefits!

Benefits of a Tower Garden:


1. Fresh, non-GMO produce at your fingertips

No more running to the store to grab that veggie you forgot to buy. No More questioning the true nutritional value of the GMO tomato you bought at the supermarket. The Tower Garden produces high-quality fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you can be confident about. You know with certainty that the seeds you’re using are organic, non-genetically-modified, and have maximal nutritional value.


2. Virtually no labour required – it waters itself and does not require weeding

Do you find the act of gardening physically difficult? Maybe you have arthritis, and bending is hard on your joints, or maybe the labour-intensive activity just isn’t for you? The Tower Garden eliminates the labour portion of gardening, while delivering that home-grown food. The Tower Garden waters itself, feeds itself, and eliminates the need for weeding. No stooping, shoveling, or hoeing required!


3. It’s space-efficient. No garden? No problem!


The Tower Garden is designed to be used in any space, and requires “just 3 square feet” ( It can be used indoors, or out, and is great for the rooftop, kitchen, or even the classroom! Check out how these Tower Gardens brightened up a classroom here!


4. It grows more, quickly


Studies show that the Tower Garden – using aerosponic technology – “grows plants three times faster and produces 30% greater yields on average” ( What does that mean? It means you’ll be harvesting from your Tower Garden “within weeks after planting”, and you’ll save money by getting more bang for your buck from seed pods.


5. You’ll be motivated to eat better.

Do you ever find yourself making poor food choices, simply because “it was there”? Worry no more because that habit can be flipped to encourage healthy eating. Having a bountiful supply of healthy, home-grown fruits and vegetables right in your house means you can eat healthy without the hassle. It’s doing fast food the healthy way, if you will.


The Tower Garden is completely innovating the gardening sector. If you’re interested in learning more about the Tower Garden, or purchasing one for yourself or as a gift, click here  today!


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