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Why You Should Choose Organic

Posted on June 23, 2017 at 6:25 PM

The question of whether or not it is important to buy organically grown fruits and vegetables is one that arises often. I often hear people questioning the authenticity of organically grown food and whether it’s really worth the extra money. Maybe you’re reading this asking yourself the same thing?

Let me tell you a little story. I once bought non-organic grapes at the grocery store. I brought them home and washed them like I would any other fruit, but after washing I noticed a residue on the skin of the grape. I washed those suckers FIVE more times and guess what? The residue never left. So then I popped one in my mouth and was surprised to find the inside of my mouth burning! I’ve never reacted to grapes before, so why was it an issue now? Was it really the grape causing this unpleasant sensation? NO! It was the chemicals on the grape’s skin. The ones that would not come off no matter how long and hard I washed them. Guess what? Those chemicals wouldn’t have been on organic grapes. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble and discomfort had I opted for those in the first place.

So the first reason you should choose organic is to avoid the copious amounts of chemicals crops are heavily sprayed with. Here’s a few more reasons why choosing organic foods is beneficial for your body:

  1. Organically grown food is more nutritious than its non-organic counterpart. 
  2. Organically grown food tastes better! To an extent this is personal preference, but I bet you’ll prefer a chemical-free strawberry grown in rich, balanced soil to one heavily sprayed and struggling to survive in soil depleted of nutrients.
  3. Organically grown foods are guaranteed to not be GMO (genetically modified).
  4. Organically grown meat is free of the added hormones and antibiotics pumped into conventionally raised cattle and poultry. 

 Choosing organic food over its counterpart benefits more than just you. By making this decision, you’re also supporting the environment. Organic foods must be grown in nutrient-rich biodiverse soil, and the designation does not allow for any toxic chemicals to be sprayed, which could harm both the crop and soil. By keeping our soil healthy and focussing on crop rotation to return nutrients into the ground, wildlife can flourish and the ecosystem remains balanced.

Furthermore, by choosing organic you’re choosing to promote and sustain agricultural diversity. By increasing the varieties of different fruits and vegetables, we are increasing their probability of surviving against pests, diseases, and other pitfalls that may wipe out an entire variety in one fell swoop.

So you now have a better understanding of why organically grown food is best. But maybe you’re still questioning the cost of buying organic. While buying all organic is ideal, there are certain fruits and vegetables that are higher in contamination than others. These are known as The Dirty Dozen, and this is a good place to prioritize buying organic if you can’t afford to do it all.

An important note, it’s easy for anyone to grow their own non-gmo organic food in a Tower Garden! If you missed our previous post about Tower Gardens, check it out here.  If you have any questions about organic food, or would like some more information, contact Harmony in Health!

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