Cooking Classes

As a Holistic Chef, I will teach you how to prepare foods that are not only nutritious but delicious and easy to make. I take a hands on approach to cooking, which means you actually get to prepare the dish under my supervision.

I will discuss the ingredients including their nutritional value. Most of the meals are vegetarian and include lactose free, gluten free, soy and corn free.

It's a wonderful way to make new friends while having fun learning new recipes. I will even go to your home to teach a class. 

Cost: Adults  $45.00 per person  

         Children (5 and up)  $15.00 per child

This class includes your lesson, a meal, recipes and nutritional information

Check up coming classes for dates and time.

Rustic Bean Salad on a bed of Millet served with a Guacamole Salad.

Grilled Vegetable Napoleons with Brown Rice an a Spinach Salad