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Nordic Pole Walking; the fastest growing sport trend

Nordic pole walking is the fastest growing sport trend. Why? Because anyone who can walk, can Nordic pole walk. As a matter of fact even those people with heart problems, Parkinson’s, arthritis or balance issues find they can walk easier with Nordic poles.

The correct use of Nordic poles has significant health benefits. Nordic pole walking burns up to 46% more calories than regular walking and incorporates 90% of all body muscles. It increases your heart rate and cardiovascular training as well as increasing oxygen respiration. Nordic pole walkers find that their posture is greatly improved as it helps to eliminate back, shoulder and neck pain. Joint problems become less of an issue as there is 30% less impact on the joints and what a great stress reliever.

Nordic poles can be used all year round and on any terrain, making them very economical. Removable rubber feet and a change to bigger baskets enable the walker to use them in the snow. Completely adjustable they will fit both children and adults. Nordixx Nordic poles have a cushioned hand strap for added security and extra grip without having to hold tight.

Whether you like to walk around town or go hiking up a mountain or rough terrain, Nordic poles will support you while increasing the effectiveness of your workout.

For a Nordic pole walking clinic in your area or to purchase Nordixx Nordic walking poles contact Jaye Yarrien from Harmony In Health at:

613-922-9482 or [email protected]