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Let’s teach them how to grow their own food!

A Tower Garden is a wonderful way to inspire children how to grow food from seed to sprout, from sprout to leaf, from leaf to table, while learning every step of the way. In fact there is a whole curriculum based around the Tower Garden that includes such subjects as biology, nutrition, math, chemistry, environmental studies, food sustainability, eco friendly living, Locavore movement and more.

Imagine what would happen if we got Tower Gardens into your school? Your children would have the opportunity to get hands on experience that will last a life time.

Together we can make a difference! By donating a little or a lot you can help get Tower Gardens into your school.

This is the future of food!!!!

This is the official site for Tower Gardens for Schools.

To donate funds to for your school simply send your donation via E transfer to [email protected]

When the total cost of a Tower Garden has been raised for your school. The school will be notified and presented with a Tower Garden at a special assembly.